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Soon you have to decide on the field of study? Are you wondering what the job of a marketing manager, architect, engineer and many other professions is in reality? Or you just have no idea who to be in the future and need some inspiration / idea?

We realize that making a decision related to further education, studies and profession is very difficult. That is why the My Future foundation gives you the opportunity to meet a professional in the industry of your choice, so that you can learn more about a given profession, ask questions or visit the workplace of people with various professions.

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Martyna J.

I think that such a visit of a professional in the classroom can inspire young people to make decisions related to their future career and education. What's more, Plan Your Future can help young people to understand particular professions from the perspective of the working person, and not from the image of a given profession created by films.

Keyboard and Mouse

Wiktor R.

Great idea for understanding certain professions. During the session I found out that the work of a lawyer is not for me at all, I discovered new professions in which I would like to develop, I did not even know that they existed.

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