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PLAN YOUR FUTURE is a pilot project program implemented by My Future and EduPlus, Lda under the Erasmus+ program. The project aims at helping youth with making the decision connected with future education and career. In the frames of the project, there will be meetings/workshops with entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries, which will aim at helping youth with understanding the specification of a given profession and the development path.
The project will also include field research, which will allow the understanding of the best form of meetings with professionals based on youth needs.
If you are a professional, who would like to share the experience with youth, please contact us. If you are a student and you would like us to organize events at your school, please fill in the contact form and write in the topic field “Plan Your Future”. The representative of EduPlus will contact you within 48 hours.


This study visits the best practices on how to understand the process of aging.
The main goals are organizing a family fair and a therapeutic workshop for the elderly. The project aims to show the best examples of working with the elderly in Poland and Portugal.
Partner: Bydgoszcz Professional Vocational Training Association Educational and Technical Association, Poland

Pobierz Portfolio: Moja praca

Dialogue of Polish and Portuguese decision-makers with discrimination by the LGBTQ community from small towns in Poland

The “Haften” project is a project carried out under the Erasmus + KA154 Dialogue with Decision-Makers Program (project number: 2021-1-PL01-KA154-YOU-000020295). It aims at creating  a space where LGBTQ+ people and people interested in LGBTQ+ rights in Poland and Portugal can exchange information and discuss in a supportive environment queerphobia that they experience or witness on a daily basis.


The aim of the project is to collaboratively produce two exhibitions that address the issue of queerphobic violence and to create a communication strategy with decision-makers to whom the project members wish to present their situation and views. The project is both educational and community-oriented. Through conversations with decision-makers, project members hope to develop concrete proposals for change and methods to counter discrimination and exclusion.


The project will include two exhibitions – one in Poland (Radom) and one in Portugal (Braga) as well as a panel discussion with the decision-makers. The exhibition will feature a series of 10 black-and-white, large-format portraits taken with an analog camera. The photographs are printed on silk, the faces of the portrayed are covered with colourful embroidery stitched with silk thread. The people in the photographs come from small Polish towns and villages, where they were discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. Each embroidery corresponds to the culture of the region in which the portrayed person was born and grew up. The work was created in collaboration with local embroiderers.

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