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PLAN YOUR FUTURE is a pilot project program implemented by My Future and EduPlus, Lda under the Erasmus+ program. The project aims at helping youth with making the decision connected with future education and career. In the frames of the project, there will be meetings/workshops with entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries, which will aim at helping youth with understanding the specification of a given profession and the development path.
The project will also include field research, which will allow the understanding of the best form of meetings with professionals based on youth needs.
If you are a professional, who would like to share the experience with youth, please contact us. If you are a student and you would like us to organize events at your school, please fill in the contact form and write in the topic field “Plan Your Future”. The representative of EduPlus will contact you within 48 hours.


This study visits the best practices on how to understand the process of aging.
The main goals are organizing a family fair and a therapeutic workshop for the elderly. The project aims to show the best examples of working with the elderly in Poland and Portugal.
Partner: Bydgoszcz Professional Vocational Training Association Educational and Technical Association, Poland


In the programme of adult education within the project „Saving water“, Spolek absolventů a přátel zemědělské školy in Chrudimi, z.s. as a project coordinator focuses on one of the sub-themes of the global problem of the world - water protection (saving water).

For our project plan, we chose the area of agriculture which is divided into 4 project themes, namely water conservation in a crop production, livestock production, maintaining water in the landscape and using plant and animal residues and waste as an alternative source of energy. The objectives of the project will be met in the form of seven-days mobility in the partner countries, where the training courses will be held on the specific subject. The excursions to relevant organizations will be as a part of the training as examples of good practice. The topic of "Crop production" will be presented by Bulgaria (EUROPEAN CENTER FOR QUALITY OOD), "Livestock production" by Portugal (EduPlus - European Center for Education and Skills Development, Lda), "Maintaining water in the landscape" by the Czech Republic ( Spolek absolventů a přátel zemědělské školy in Chrudimi, z.s) and "Using plant and animal residues and waste as an alternative source of energy" by Spain (MAGENTA CONSULTORIA PROJECTS SL).

The specific and diverse selection and representation of partners in the project is based on geographical location and different climatic areas which will be a great and valuable asset for gaining new information and exchanging experience in agriculture with an impact on saving water.

As this is a very demanding and comprehensive topic, experts and workers from all levels of work and management working directly with the target group of workers in agriculture, ecology and landscape development will be involved in this project as mentors and trainers.

The results of the project will be presented in a brochure that will be freely downloadable in English and in the languages of the partner countries on the websites of the participating organizations in the project.