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EduPlus accommodation for groups (up to 32 people)
Address : Avenida da Liberdade 546, Braga

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Place of accommodation for students and supervisors.
In the common area you will find a cozy living room with a beautiful view of Braga and a dining room in which are served breakfast / lunch / dinner * are served in the form of buffet.
* depending on the option of accommodation and meals. 
Options suggested by EduPlus - breakfast in the form of a buffet, lunch in the form of catering delivered to the place of internship, dinner in a restaurant located at a distance of 150m from the hostel in the form of the so-called fixed menu.

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Students are accommodated in several-person rooms (from 3-6 people).

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Group supervisors are accomodated in single or double rooms.

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• Each room has its own bathroom. Each room is air-conditioned.
• Each room has bed linen and towels.
• Each room has a TV and permanent internet access.
• Rooms are cleaned every day - Tuesday to Friday. Once a week the bedding is changed, and towels are changed as needed, at least twice a week.
• The hostel has a 24-hour reception. The entire facility is monitored.
The hostel has a 24-hour laundry and drying room. The laundry is paid:
- washing machine - 6,00 €
- dryer - 4.00 €.

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The accommodation is located on the 5th and 6th (last) floor of a multi-storey building - the building is equipped with a lift.

On floors 0 to 4 there are residential and service premises.

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